Ben Tortorici was already an accomplished woodworker when he was introduced to guitar making in 1978. As he brought his unique gifts to guitar building, his skills were further refined under the guidance of his friend, the late R.L. "Bob" Mattingly, a renowned classical guitar maker, who himself studied under the legendary Miguel Rodriguez.

Dedication, attention to detail, and a passion to create; these are the attributes a true artisan brings to his craft. Add in the skill and experience of a master woodworker and you have Ben Tortorici, a Luthier with an unrivaled devotion to his art.

It is the combination of these qualities that go into every Tortorici Guitar. Each classical guitar is a unique work of art, the result of tradition guiding the devotion to produce only the best.

But a Tortorici Guitar is not simply a work of art to be displayed and admired. The true test of any guitar comes in the performer's hands, and as with any great instrument it should allow the player to convey the beauty, intellect, and full range of emotions inherent in great music. This is where the Tortorici Guitar is at its' finest, and where one can truly appreciate its' artistic qualities.

The instrument's rich presentation, quick responsive trebles and full Spanish-sounding basses produce a tone, a feel and a mood that moves both performer and listener.